Shh.. said the magpie

strained its ears

through the walls of the secret house

it leaned to hear

nothing eludes me

and nothing, i dont know

You should hold your thoughts

and feel the fear

Gossip, Gossip, Gossip

Gossip in the lanes

and talk of the town

psst pass the magpie

smugly wears its crown

the job is done

Your life is gone

spreads like wildfire

hungry like flames

and winds.. ahoy.. no stopping the game.

It spreads as if placebo

and spurs you on..

the horns flash red

and the stares are vile

slayer, betrayed, the cries resound

you have let us down

keep your head up

though tears sting thy eyes

show no hint

or they will steal your smile

all things pass and all things die

and so will this phase

be careful next time

or just forget your ties

just do what your heart says

head held high!