What has created our past? Is it really our language which has made us able to store our past thus creating it? But then storing means that we had a past but we just dint have the means to store it? Or is it our memory which has created our past? Say we dint have a memory.. will the past be only a dream lost in time? … Or will the past be a true existence unknown only to us? Is it the evidence of the past by which we learn about the past thus creating it?? This brings us to the idea of having the necessary intelligence to gather evidence.. So is it our intelligence that has created the past? What is the concept of past? Is it the concept of synchrony and chronology without which we wouldnt understand the past..? Leads me to another very interesting question..What is this ability of relating my past to yours? Our past is a whole..Yet it also has fragment.. or does it?Β Image