Flowing through the current

Oh I am stuck..

Once I was flying free

I am locked


I am in limbo

Can u hear me..

My only savior..

Is not near me..


Memories rush by..

As I am pushed by the masses..

I am stuck in the middle…

Gathering mosses..


In vain I search for a face familiar

In the crowd rushing by

Everyone look similar

Like you..


Messing in my mind..

I shout and scream..

For in the fairytales which I’been told

The knight will come if I dream.


But I am scared to let u hear..

For I want u to grow..

I want u to rise

I want u to flow..


I am gathering bruises..

And each one speaks of u..

As my every breath is just

Waiting to start anew..


But please don’t turn around..

It will grieve me more..

I cant bear any more wounds..

I am already sore..


And so I continue my silent plea..

My soundless scream…

And I lapse into the limbo..

Where I can dream.


And so I await..