Never have felt so cold.

I have fallen through the biggest hole in my life..

It was as soft as a cloud

And I went to sit on its fluffy bed..

It swallowed me in

And little did I know

It would spit me out!

(through the other end).


Gory stuff I feel inside

Its hard to feel any cheery thots

The darkness engulfs any light

Stupid enough to

Question its might.


Flapping wings and hanging threads,

I am desperate to find a place

Where they will leave me

Or can I escape?

They find me,

Oh yes, it feels like that,

I am right?

Or I am going soft in the head??


I find a bend,

It looks hopeful m surprised

(theres still hope in a place like this)

And now it has added to it my heart

I wannna find my way out.


Deception it was but I refuse to bow

I feel its arrow but I refuse to go

To move from my stance

For I wanna go the other way

Where light calls and leaves sway

I can feel it now in my soul

I am clearer and yes! I am through the hole.

I grow , my destiny I know.