Getting hurt is an art. An Art of great intricacy. When I get hurt, it feels as if the hurt forms a whirlpool in my heart, from the bottom, starting with the smallest ripple to the top where it spreads out in all its glory. When I get hurt, it feels as if my heart is wounded and bleeding and the blood is trickling down over the side etching a path of pain in its wake. And the hurt comes in pulses sometimes when I try to block it..And the art of enjoying the pain is as intricate as feeling it….It has to be felt in every nook and corner, not with concentration, no, but it has to be allowed to move freely around your heart and it has to feel all your old emotion, shifting through the good and bad memories, feeding on the melancholy ones and sighing on the beautiful ones…The feeling of being wronged and theImage tragic centre point of all things bad gravitating towards you… Just awesome when you think back about it….!!! 😉