It was a rainy day..Image

There came the shadow of a man

With thinning bones and hanging skin..

And gave a charming smile..


And there he stooped

picked up a hoop,

He was delighted with his find!!


The crinkling folds around the eyes

crinkle evermore with upturned lips

he raises his arms and plays the flute

The tune enigmatic to say the least..


Hippity Hop and Skippity Skip..

Goes his steps over the stones..

Carefree, light, nimble, wise

No grave, no warning, tired tone..


He whistles and he dances wild..

The trees, his partner, revelling wind..

There! He’s reached his pretty shrine!


His dome is silent, no one home..

for the bird was flying outside his nest

and he has reached back to his tomb.


Adorns his name, stares at the writing..

–A confused look.

“Friend, loving, rests in peace,

Nicholas Brook”

Shrugs and Adorns it with his hoop!!


Then the little man is trapped once more

or is he free evermore?

Enters his room pretty deep

and fell into a dreamless sleep..