Holy words they say, holy life they say.. what is this life if full of care, we have no time to stand and stare, that has almost become a clique, not only when people remember to say it, in every thought, action and reverberation of humans they know it or not does not matter. How it was before, i do not know, maybe each generation sees its worries as magnified and the previous thinks it to be a waste of time, after all, to the adolescent, his/her problems are as real as to the adult and the denial of it by someone else claiming to have more experience does not make the pain less, nor does it lessen the effort. Why? Do we need all this care, restrictions and emotions? Or just happiness would suffice, but ha ha, of course happiness needs pain to give it a face. Otherwise, how do we understand its value?? Worries and suspense starting in every single pore of the body as soon as u get up and plans for the day, do they include introspection or singing songs or laughing just to make someone else laugh? Strangely enough it does!! We want our importance to be known or we value our friends so much and do not want them to go anywhere??