And that day by his bed came to mind. He always said “Mamuni the best” and to that I replied “Aja the best”. My greatest inspiration, stoic, loving, caring, worrying about everything but trying not to show, he was a god to me, without whom I could not imagine myself. And his innate part, my aie, my sweet, soft, innocent and adorable aie whose smile could light up my whole life in an instant and wash away all regrets. Take care of your mom, he used to say. I will aja, I am. I went to school, we got 3 dahivaras for 80 pasie, our daily ritual as I headed home holding my aja’s hand.  While eating, I used to deny any more food saying my stomach is full, he used to say, go jump up and down and come back again, the stomach is like a “mudhi dabba”!! haha. My aja. My strength who used to call me abdul kalam, who used to protect me from all the outer mentalities. To him, I was the lotus in the dump, though it was only to flatter me, it served its purpose, I wanted to keep the title, so I worked hard, learned to be patient, did all of that to make them happy. Dissappointment on their faces, will be my doomsday! My aja and aie, the perfect yin and yang, the games of 29 right since I saw them, every night with their legs spread out like a diamond and the cardgames in their cozy little square till today. My aja, the strong one, who could drive away animals and demons alike by the thak thak of his stick…but I was soo angry at that bull who pushed him and he fell down , but it was all my fault, he scraped his arm on the road and had trouble getting up. He was taking me to preschool. I love you aja. I am always with you and aie.