Well, every now and then we have one of our so called “epiphanies” and then we tend to go around telling people how we have realised some secret of the universe. I just had one. In fact I keep having the same epiphanies all over again and again. And you might care to ask what? So, here it is. Happiness. Pure and Simple. Thats what we are all about though we mess it up all the time. I do my writing, my crafting, my gifting and boasting all just for the most powerful drug of the world. Happiness. My mom just mentioned something that caught my attention. She was unnaturally happy at the success of her writings and she said, now you can ask me anything you want. Adding to that she said ” Its just like the gods did you know, when they are happy, they let you ask the most powerful or stupid boon you care to ask” Haha! Everything is a circle after all. And we are just playing along in this vast game of mindless puppets where our freedom of imagination and creation is just imaginary and the sole thought that matters and is real is how to remain happy! Image