Well, sometimes, which tends to happen a lot of times with me, you like to pretend to be someone who you are not. Someone who is ubercool and classy and speaks with a smart new chic accent and can turn heads and create waves as she walks through the crowd. I can think of instances where this has really happened but everytime that character in the story book or that character in the serial you are watching makes you want it exactly the way it happens to them. And sometimes pretending often enough makes you kind of become the same person yourself but is that only on the surface or deep down too? May be pretending to have a new accent makes you feel special. Maybe learning karate makes you feel like a spy, like you are in charge. Maybe wearing a silk dress makes you live in your fairy tale for that moment. Life maynot be the way exactly how we want it but we all have our own little irrational fantasies to live them anyways!