I remember the good old days, when I was a little kid, full of bouncing energy and life, sitting in my 5th grade classroom, when just a piece Of Paper could give us all the happiness in the world. Yes! Its True. The Paper is magical. It can serve to pass chits around in the class when you want to have a personal conversation with a friend. It could serve to play passing the chits, where you would just have to write your favourite task and hope that the chit finds you in the end. (An unlikely event in probabilities which happened in reality!). It could serve to write love letters. It could serve to make impromptu greeting cards for your loved ones with a little untidy scrawl here and there. The paper. Ah! It could serve to fly. If you just have a small rubber band, the class could use it shoot the papers to whoever you want. A paper with to hit your enemy on the head or with a secret note that you hope your crush will receive. It could serve to make small balls and play catch ball. And it could serve to write unknown notes to play aprils fool! Of course, everything when the teachers back is turned! The stories the paper has seen and the generations of children it has made happy. The paper will always remain my best 🙂