Today while going through the freshly pressed pages, I was undergoing a queer sensation. So many people giving wings to their pen, so many people with strong voices to speak out, so many different opinions, a want to make a difference. There are posts on grief, on happiness, on lessons from life, on religion and individual trysts with it.. on shaking stories of inspiration and our own ideal perspectives. I felt voraciously proud. Proud of my fellow writers. Proud to belong to such an ardent community. A community where barriers are talked about, crafted and shifted. As I read more and more, feeling a caleidoscope of different emotions as I went through the various pieces, I felt that calmness of belonging. Sometimes, we feel the need to be unique, to be special. But this was one of those times, where I was happy to belong in a crowd. Where my emotions and feelings are also unknowingly being given expression by others and I am happy to let the flow carry me wherever the collective will takes me.