So how do you embark upon a journey to find your inner self? So then you might first have to consider the question about what finding your inner self means. To each his own. Maybe. But there is just such a fine line between knowing what you really want and thinking that you know what you want. .. I embarked upon such a journey some ten years ago and in between I keep on going on small detours hoping that maybe these spur of the moment decisions are what will change my life forever. You know following the “signs”. In the end, it all comes down to what I believe in. But thats not what I want to discuss in here. My beliefs. I want to discuss what makes me feel as if I have reached the end of my journey. It doesnot matter that the feeling does not stay for long. Just to have those intense feelings for that one moment makes me feel as if it must “mean” something! Like World music or Psychedelic trance for example. A dark room, Perfect speakers, and the music just seeps through your bones. Dreaming. My dreams are always vivid. Imagining? People may even call me nuts. But my imagination of circumstances have the power to reduce me to tears or make me blush to the roots of my hair or make my heart pound so much in anticipation, its as if I am just close to winning everything that matters. Fear? Yes, it has the power to instill that in me too. Longing? Yes. Energy? Yes. Sadness? yes. Depression. Yes. So, my strategy of finding out what matters to me the most is measuring my reaction to my imaginations. Seems like a fair approach except that I slip in and I am not in power to do anything much less measure scientifically when I am in the sway of its power. Powerful? Very.