This poem is written on behalf of a ghost or a spirit, whichever you prefer.. or better still, an angel, who falls in love with a human and tries to do everything for him/her. Her heart aches that she cant be with him, but for her, his happiness is everything, but she is now doomed forever, cz she will forever be in love with him but he will soon be gone from her lifetime that counts eons..


If I could stay true to my feelings..

And let my heart do the telling..

Of all that its been journeying through..

But I am afraid of what you would know..

If you looked too close.


I fall for you every single time..

The time when I saw you first..

Or be it just the last…

I see you as my very muse..

My heart and soul, my song and truce.


If wishes were like sweetened bread..

Your home would be sugar cake..

And on top will sit a shining star..

Fair in light and help in war..

Your wisp of wish know it will!


And on when you breathe your last

And go on the journey’s path..

I will be there to sweep your way,

To whisper and to make you stay..

And sigh! Till the very end..


Though you may not know who I am,

I know you will feel me in every step,

For they be lightened with happiness,

And cherry blooms and roses scent..

And though you may not see me ever..

My heart aches with your every laugh,

To keep it frozen and keep it carved..

If I could I will bend my will..

To desert me, I am nay to be here

long after you are still!