As apparent from the title, this is a poem about our choices and how we go about them. About how even the open choices come with constraints…

Faster roared the wind in my ears..

Urging me to stay afloat..

In tune to the utter unearthly chaos.

I would like to have something to hold on to..

A handle, or a banister or two..

All I could find was a wisp of scent..

Of something familiar..

Which was lost as soon as it was there!

Now we were turning and churning along with the current around…

All my memories and dreams were torn asunder..

And laid bare for me to see with my own eyes..

Like a plate of cakes with a knife..

With a question..hovering above every bite..

Do you wanna keep it or do you want to let it die???

I felt pebble beneath my foot.

Each of which was wet with dew..

A story for a dew, a drop or two.

But while I was walking.. I had to choose my path.

Walk around or do I want to evaporate the dew?

If you don’t choose soon, we gotto have no choice..

I am gonna let you rule but till my voice..

Says your time is out!!