This is written keeping in mind times such as the times gone by.. where innocent acts could turn into your misfortune and the lady of the house can suddenly find herself relegated to a common hag. Superstitions can affect our lifes in horrific ways. More so, if your love abandons you. More so, if you still have the power to put certain things right and will do it even though you are hurt. More so if the people who once worshipped you still do so, but are afraid to look your way for fear of wrath upon their heads and you hate the pity in their eyes….


They asked her to take it back..

Whats not ours we do not accept.

They said.. Our god is he and what he says

Is our only law!


And mum they kept..’

Knowing they hurt her pride

And spurned her love..

And silent she will stay..

Giving all that is hers..


With a heavy heart she receded.

She was in love with their God..

Outcasted and betrayed..

Misunderstood and  flawed..

But silent she was.. will be..

Till her heart is whole..


The man was hurting and begged her help

She tied her handkerchief and was dragged to hell..

Her secret was torn.. and was made to work..

And all that he knew was that she was his traitor.


They left her to return

And face her harsh verdict..

That she was to be gone

At the crack of dawn..


Mind she not the abdication

Or the whispering that followed like wildfire.

Her heart wasn’t loud enough

Or was it not hers anymore??


She took it all in good grace..

His silence and his ignorance..

Cut through her like sharpened stone…

And yet she bade her exile

Till he hears her pleading heart.

All  by himself.