This pic that I just saw on facebook, suddenly transported me to my childhood days.. Long discussions with my sister on how our house is going to be when we grow up, all details from the walls, to the bathrooms, to the secret spaces and to music rooms to combat rooms, every single thing that we saw, read and liked was on the menu.. and was able to be snugly fitted to form the beautifull house.. Not knowing the meaning of the words like staccato, stone grazed, and blah blah blah, the house was decided by what sounded the best and so I lodged on to stone and glass, “marble style”. And then started the emergency preparations and the library! Oh the library, I still think about it and just recently, I decided upon a totally cushioned floor with small gunny bags on the floor to sit on or sleep on.. Hmm, of course when we used to discuss, (we were watching tellytubbies at that time), the automatic coffee machines they used were like magic, the same went for the cute vacuum cleaner.. of course the whole house has to be surrounded with grass, tall clumps of glass interspersed with smooth grassy lawn.. and a jungle of christmas trees within whose foliage we can play hide and seek. And of course, there has to be a rundown part of the garden where the outline of a door long unopened would be just visible, which we could somehow open to enter into the “secret garden ” of our dreams with a swing seat hung over with roses…. and there would be those picket fences which we would paint and use other children to paint (as little Tom did, why he was so cunning!!)…. And then came the says of Spy XXX and Spy Kids, where our house would store secret traps which would be opened with the flick of a remote in time of danger and we would fly away in a small personalised  helicopter and with jets on our legs.. But the Glass Roof on top of our dreams was made my Tom and Jerry, remember the episode where Tom plays in front of the king and Jerry Dances? The floor of that grand room, oh the floor, it was made of the purest blue seethrough marble possible which looked deliciously like frozen ice on which jerry was skating in another episode. I promised my dream that I would not let it down. Ice Marble it wasImage and Ice marble it will be!!!