This one was a spur of the moment, written in just a minute inspired by coldplay. Special thanks to one of my friends to make me hear the same 🙂

Sometimes I feel all empty

But when I feel your heart next to mine

I break into a smile

Sometimes I seem to be alone..

Till the time you whisper in my ears

And make me light..

You had that power over me..

Where I gave it to you..

Freely freely take my heart..

You are the one every beat

Is scripted in time and ever more..

Did I regret the hand of fate..

That made you turn on me..

I think not…

Cause it made me know you all the more..

So now I just sing along

And I just want to play along..

For I love the game when its our song..

And now I just say..

But though you broke my heart

I am gonna let you stay..

though you broke my heart, oh yeah…

I am gonna let you stay..