Somebody once said that to be extremely selfish you need to be generous. Wait did I say that the other way round? Ha ha, I Sonali hereby pledge that I am going to be extremely selfish. Which means I will try to get the maximum happiness for myself.  And I have had one more of my epiphanies. How do I get the maximum happiness, the sort of happiness u can carry inside you like a talisman? Which can act as a shining beacon of hope to remind u in your direst times and which can infect people at the speed to thought?? Yes, it is to be generous, generous in love, generous in words, generous in money and generous in happiness. All the times I had it right when I was a child, I had it right even when I entered my teenage.. and slowly as I saw the world around me.. I thought I found less and less of it.. of generosity and of love and of trust and all those beautiful things that form a part of my world, my fantasy world, inside every book I read and that is why I read childrens’ fantasy.. because there you see the full measure of generosity. Children never ‘forget’ to be generous! So, weren’t we all children once? Aren’t we all children in our hearts? So today, let us all take a pledge to do one small thing for others and ask them to pass it on. Let us see if it completes the circle.