When I was just a child.. I believed that I had super powers hidden deep within me.  Powers of love, affection, beauty, and divinity.  That somehow I was full of all these and overflowing so that I tried to share it everyone who came my way. I used to look in the mirror and imagine that my the outer rim of my eyes are glowing.. and I used to think maybe it’s a gift of looking through people’s character. I loved to think that these special powers helped me understand people at once. The days went by and slowly my imaginings changed. My imagination now no longer involved me.. They involved pretty flowers and a world so different from ours that wishes are like cotton flower floating on the wind. A place where I could immerse in the beauty that surrounded me. My dreams became my inside as well as my outside.

Then came the time when the world became my dream. My world, our world.  I saw the people and all of them seemed to be infused with a special light, everybody  had something to give and so many people gave freely. I felt blessed.

And then I grew up some more and saw that not everything was black and white. I started slowly receeding back to my world..that world in my mind.

And now I have decided to face the grey!!