Paper boats and kites that
did not fly
made up afternoons of make believe
dressing up and sitting still
while my costume dictated my dreams
or was it the other way round?
i learnt slowly to put words
to the fluttering wings
that were tickling my stomach
and things that did not let me sleep
reveling in insomnia
for 12 waking hours was nothing
i filled walls with ink and eyes with purpose
till they drowned me and i got
frustrated to see the world
different from my fantasy.

paper boat dream
Tattoos with anything
not permanent
to represent my mood swings
penned with henna, penned with ink,
i never managed to fix
even my role models
i became an amalgam of
everything my senses
brought in
beautiful eternally confused
with no patterns that i could see
like children’s scribblings
which would be sold for a
million bucks
for you to learn from
what i never knew
i threw stones in glass houses
and rushed in where angels feared to
for i was told that bravery is fighting
what makes you afraid
till i marred my silent perfection
and spoke like an empty vessel sounds much
and wore my flaws
like battle scars,
proud and unrelenting.