My new year’s resolution comes
sealed in that bottle of red wine
which absolutely refuses to open
itself and thus refuses to let me introspect
and try to find myself
You need not run after half formed ideas
and dreams that are just castles in the air
because the world is hot on your trail
and tells you to find who you are
and find that one thing that makes
you drunk with passion
and thus stirs you out of contentment
and makes you lose your sleep
over petty things like how you look
and how is your breath
My new year’s resolution comes
with a glass of sparkling water
straight out of a jug and ratty old pajamas
and old couches sagging in the middle
right next to a fireplace
and a wall full of books
which you cannot afford
My new year’s resolutions tells me that
it’s not necessary to leave your happy place
sometime, it is okay to be just what you are instead.