Walking along the beach
the surf kicked wide
and landing on my feet
the salty air stirring my thoughts                                        spicysaturday 
like a melting pot
I have been told
all this time
“Its your life”
Live it as you want
I have been told and so I tried
to figure out
how it is that I wanted to live
opportunity 1But just as I decided I would
rather live in peace
boiling a pot over a fire
to make some soup
opportunity comes knocking at my door
and I gape at it silly
How is it that it comes
when I do not need it?
I ask it to politely sit
share in my homemade bread
maybe some stew
and maybe a pickle or two?
We trade stories and adventures
How he has been to so many places
always moving and always making sure
everyone gets more
I offered him a cot for the night
and somehow he weaved dreams for me
through his tales
which I listen to with agog eyes
Come morning, I rose with made up mind
Made us some soft boiled eggs
and packed some cheese
I told him I know what to do with my life
I want to take it slow
just me and my soup
in my small little cosy hut
maybe I will write about you
and many others that will eventually pass by
So adieu my friend,
merry meet and merry part,
I bid you goodbye!!