Somehow, somehow
I do not know why
when I looked in the fridge today
and looked at those crusty bread molds
which we never threw out
till they are disgusting
it reminded me of you!
It struck me today, darling
that we have come far, yes
but we have come the wrong way!
There is no light in your eyes
when you look at me
and all I can think of when
I look deep into your eyes,
is whether I have any other
interesting book
to keep me from being lonely.
But that’s okay, you mustn’t
We reached the fork in the road
sometime back
and decided to not take the road
that was new
while desperately cutting through the
thick of brambles.

soul mate grow apart (1)We cannot go back, no!
but let us now walk on
opposite sides,
keeping close to the trees
on either side
and look for a path through the trees
we will move apart, yes
but long afterwards,
when you are walking on your
golden road to Oz
and I am on mine,
with someone new
we will meet someday
and give each other a smile
that we will actually mean.