I look at you
I think the winter looks great on you
Your lips, just so slightly chapped,
yes, right there
makes me think about whole worlds
connecting me and you
in three minutes
red wine with that slight edge
in my subconscious
i want to slip off
to a place
where we make love with words
and eyes
with barely touching
elongating that drum-roll
making sure we never lose that
talking with mere gazes
grazing each others skins
goosebumps from a stutter
of uncertainly when we
let a little passion
drugs, to me
were always those moments
in which we pushed and pulled
like a red queen
running out of breath
just to stay where we are.
Figuring out,
was not the hard part
it was just that
i did not want us to,
why would i?
when i was addicted and intoxicated
by what we did not have
mixed with just a hint
of what we could.