My mind is caged behind brown bars
rusted with time yet holding firm
It was drilled from me from the day I was here
in this world
the noise of the drill drowning out memories
of love and wilderness
I was becoming human
i must have done something good
in my previous life
to be here in this orange garb
pretending to be a higher intelligence
there must be something big behind
all that I can see with the naked eye
souls trapped inside this mask of limbs
opposable thumbs seem to be a big thing


There must be something deep behind all this bravado,
all I can see is ego clashes and thumbs being used
to twist someone else’s away,
Love is a confusion,
freedom does not come free
If I had not been born,
would i still have perceived music?
I am told,
the greatest minds are not normal
I must be missing something
why this body sets us apart
from everyone else that roams the earth,
it hurts to feel so deeply,
this soft heart that beats so fast,
seems to respond to everyone’s bruises
maybe this feeling is something that’s supposed
to make me strong,
But it hurts! It hurts like hell,
maybe humans are the lowest of the rung,
Hunting mindless is surely
easier than this?
The only hurt I must feel
is when someone else ends my life?
Or maybe there has been a glitch,
maybe my neurons joined a different way,
just by chance,
a gift gone wrong,
But it seems like the power is in the
wrong hands,
they are killing my land,
There are women and children
writhing in agony,
men forced to slavery for their worth

But light shines through my cloudy thoughts
Sometimes, night makes the orange look white,
there are moments, moments when you kiss me,
moments when I see them smile,
moments when I feel something else
other than guilt,
a huge range of these feelings
that seem to claim me as their own,
and I manage to smile
sweeping all these cobwebs aside,
Thats when I manage to forget that
we are all born behind bars,
that we are all swathed in lies.