Prose and Prose Poetry


‘So you wanted me to be honest. Did you think you could handle it? Every single excruciating detail from every single day of our lives. It is believed that the average human being thinks around 600 thoughts per second. Do... Continue Reading →



I write about you. All the time. In every one of my poems and stories and ramblings you will find hints leading you one step up the ladder into the shadowy, hazy, illusional space I call my mind. Some of... Continue Reading →

She Was Weird.

She was weird. Certifiably weird. I mean, who else says that she has fallen in love with “blue”? Or the number eight? Or a tree? That the universe speaks to her when its raining. Storms. She used to love storms.... Continue Reading →

Millennials Are People Too

"Be like Aslan," she wrote.

I’m tired, y’all.

Tired of not fully understanding my French reading. Tired of not having proper time to go the the Rec. Tired of my phone being broken.

Above all, dear reader, I am tired of being a Millennial.

Not because I’m ashamed of my Millennial brothers and sisters. Not because I wish I was born in another era (that’s a whole other story). But because I’m tired of being bashed in popular media.

I read anotherarticle the other day which sarcastically mocked 20-somethings. And it just might have been the straw that broke the 20-something’s back.

Hi, I’m an entitled and broke 20-something and today I’m here to share with you some tips and tricks to grocery shopping on a budget that I’ve picked up over the past year and a half. You see, I graduated college a year and a half ago and, without meal plans or…

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A new style of Writing (Trying out).

He looked so lost. So lost, I wished to take his hand and pull him close to me. Me, I wished to hold him close and whisper.Whisper words of comfort. Comfort on those cold lonely nights. Lonely nights that were... Continue Reading →

A leap of faith

When I was just a child.. I believed that I had super powers hidden deep within me.  Powers of love, affection, beauty, and divinity.  That somehow I was full of all these and overflowing so that I tried to share... Continue Reading →

The silent revolution..

I was on a bus. One of those local buses in Kolkata where you stand really really squeezed into a tiny space. Now, I was standing near the ladies section at the front. Another girl a little older than me... Continue Reading →


Its like the sun is just shining its rays upon the sleeping meadow.. silently she stands, she is pure music, her gown a rich symphony of colours and as she raises her hand in a dance – an ode to... Continue Reading →

Selfishness and generosity…a circle.

Somebody once said that to be extremely selfish you need to be generous. Wait did I say that the other way round? Ha ha, I Sonali hereby pledge that I am going to be extremely selfish. Which means I will... Continue Reading →

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