Sonali Mohapatra

Curriculum Vitae


Perimeter Institute,

31, North Caroline Street,

Waterloo, Canada

Phone: +14164540622




Current Position: Perimeter Scholars International Masters student at Perimeter Institute for theoretical Physics, Canada.

PSI Thesis: (current): Gluing of Nakamura Strips in the Phase Space formulation of String Theory: Supervisor: Dr Laurent Freidel. Perimeter Institute.

BS-MS thesis: N-point correlation function in Polymer Quantum Field Theory. Supervisor: Dr Ritesh Singh, IISER Kolkata

Academic history:

  1. 2014-2015: Perimeter Scholars International Masters student at Perimeter Institute.
  2. 2009-2014: Integrated BS-MS student at IISER-Kolkata, India. (CGPA: 8.39)
  3. 2007-2009: Secondary Certificate: BJEM School, BBSR, India : 94.2% (top 10 in state)
  4. 2007: CBSE 10th Boards, BJEM school, BBSR, India: 95% (Top 20 in state)

Academic Scholarships and funding received:

  1. 2014-2015: Funding: Perimeter Institute funding of CAD 33,000.
  2. 2009-2014: Funding: KVPY Scholarship(Young Scientists Award of Rs 96,000 per year for 5 yrs)
  3. 2011: SURF award for Internship at LIGO, Caltech of USD 6000 for 10 weeks.
  4. 2007-2009: Funding: NTSE Scholarship (National Talent Awards of Rs 6000 per year for 2 yrs)


  1. Mentor for Physics Undergrads at University of Waterloo. (2014/15)
  2. TA for course on Classical Mechanics, and special relativity (Physics II), IISER-K (2014)
  3. TA for course on Introductory QM and wave mechanics (Physics I), IISER-K (2013)

Academic Awards and recognition:

  • Significant Academic Awards and Recognition:
  • Invited attendee at Mathematics Olympiad Camp and Vijyoshi Camp for KVPY 2011.
  • National Merit Certificate for being in top 0.1% in Physics in Nation 2009.
  • Published in HOPE, a publication by Women and Child development department, govt of Orissa as a child prodigy and titled as the “Little Madam Curie”
  • National Documentation and Child Scientist in NCSC 2004.
  • Proficiency award in Batch of 120 students for top marks in English and Science Subjects for three years.

Programming Skills: Languages : Python, Prolog, Perl, Q and W basic Packages : Matlab, HTML, Mathematica, Latex, Origin, Gnuplot.

Academic Publications:

  1. Abstract, Sonali Mohapatra, “Simulation of human understanding of predicates in computers: makingthe computers behave like humans.” Abstract published in “Looking Within: Multidisciplinary Approach to Consciousness”.
  2. Subhasri Chatterjee ; Nandan K. Das ; Satish Kumar ; Sonali Mohapatra ;Asima Pradhan ; Prasanta K.Panigrahi ; Nirmalya Ghosh, Probing multi-scale self-similarity of tissue structures using light scatteringspectroscopy: prospects in pre-cancer detection, doi:10.1117/12.2016849,
  3. Sonali Mohapatra, Ritesh Singh, N-point Green’s Function in Polymer Quantum Field Theory (Manuscript in Preparation)
  4. BS-MS Thesis:

Research Experience:

  1. Quantum Crytography and Superdense Coding Protocol for 2n bit transmission: (under Dr.PrashantPanigrahi, IISER-K,2010).
  2. A Study of the Statistics prior to Angioplasty and Coronary Stenting based upon Blood pressure and other lifestyle factors. (In SCB Medical Institute, Cuttack,2010).
  3. Simulation of human understanding of predicates in computers: making the computers behave like humans. (underDrAnandaDasgupta, IISER-K ,2010).
  4. Diagnosis of the 40m prototype Interferometer by auxilliary laser beam injection. (Under Professor Rana Adhikari and Dr Suresh Doravari, LIGO, CALTECH, California,2011).
  5. Probing the multifractality of live tissues with light scattering techniques. An effort for a non-invasive diagnosis of cancer. (Under DrNirmalya Ghosh, IISER-Kolkata,2012.)
  6. Propagator in Polymer Quantization, under DrRitesh Singh, IISER-Kolkata, 2013.
  7. Instanton Approach to Double Well Potential, Term Paper, Under DrSiddharthLal, IISER-K 2013
  8. Flux Tube Dynamics in Quark Confinement, Term Paper, Under Prof PrasantaPanigrahi, IISER-K, 2013
  9. Curing Divergences Using Polymer Quantization, ongoing Dissertation Project, Under Dr Ritesh Singh, IISER-K, 2013-2014.
  10. Interpretations of Mathieu’s tongues and instabilities in the solution to Mathieu Equation. (as part of Advanced Maths Methods Course by Prof Panigrahi).
  11. Reading Project on Group Theory and Differential Geometry with DrAnanda Dasgupta.
  12. Reading Course on Models of Inflation and Structure Formation, and Introduction to quantum cosmology, under the guidance of Prof Narayan Banerjee, IISER-Kolkata.
  13. Essay on Phase space formulation of String Theory : under the guidance of Laurent Freidel.

Talks and seminars delivered:

  1. Detection of Pulsars and gravitational waves: IISER-Kolkata (2010)

  2. Simulation of human understanding of predicates in computers: making the computers behave like humans. : IISER-Kolkata (2010), NIAS bangalore, (2012)

  3. Diagnosis of the 40m prototype Interferometer by auxilliary laser beam injection. CALTECH, LIGO (2011)

  4. Flux Tube model of Quark Confinement: IISER-Kolkata (2012)

  5. Instantons and the double-well potential: IISER-Kolkata (2013)

  6. Propagator in Polymer Quantum Field Theory: IISER-Kolkata (2013)

  7. Inflation theory and structure formation in the Universe: IISER-Kolkata (2014)

  8. N -point green’s function in Polymer Quantum field theory: IISER-Kolkata (2014)

  9. Hilbert Space Formalism of PQFT and lattice models, working towards a consistent theory of gravity. Perimeter Institute: (PSIMINAR 2014)

  10. Introduction to Spin Form Formalism for Quantum Gravity: Perimeter Institute (2014)

Talks and seminars attended:

  1. Quantum Gravity in 2 Dimensions by Francois David, Perimeter Institute.

  2. Quantum Entanglement and Super Conductivity : Subir Sachdev : Perimeter Institute.

  3. Quantum Theory in the 21st century: Nima Arkanihama : Perimeter Institute.

  4. The Unruh Effect and what is a particle : Bill Unruh: Perimeter Institute

  5. A stable massive charged Particle : G Rajsekharan : IISER-Kolkata

  6. D.P Roy: Dark Matter in Sugra Models with Non-universal Gaugino Masses.

  7. R.K Singh: Automatic Lagrangian Generation : IISER-Kolkata

  1. Many more during summer projects and semesters from visitors.

Reading Topics Undertaken:

  1. Supersymmetry.

  1. Topological
  2. Berry Phase
  3. Differential Geometry : An introduction
  4. Graph Theory.
  5. Dinkin Diagrams in Group Theory.
  6. Renormalization theory.
  7. Simplical and Kahler geometry.
  8. History of Quantum Mechanics.

Leadership and Co-curricular Positions:

  1. Mentor and motivational speaker for FemPhys at Perimeter Institute and University of Waterloo (Present)
  2. Camera speaker for Women in Physics, Perimeter Institute. (Present)
  3. Guest RJ for Big 92.7 FM, BBSR and hosted Pre-recorded show for New Years 2013
  4. Teaching assistant for the course Physics II at IISER-Kolkata (2014)
  5. Teaching assistant for the course Physics I at IISER -Kolkata (2013)
  6. Chairman of Social and Outreach Committee at IISER-Kolkata (2011-2014)
  7. PR developer and soft skills trainer at IISER-Kolkata. (2011-2014)
  8. Concept and Organiser Inquivesta: India’s biggest Science Fest (2011)
  9. Chairperson Cultural Committee, IISER-Kolkata (2009-2014)
  10. Official Cultural Anchor IISER-Kolkata (2009-2014)
  11. Editor Literary Club IISER-Kolkata, Magazine: Muse (2009-2014)

Significant Extra-curricular Certificates:

  1. Graduate of Dale Carnegie PR Development certificate programme.
  2. Certificate for completion of Public Speaking and Soft Skills Training Programme, held at BJEM, BBSR.


Significant Extracurriculars awards and recognition:

  1. Three times Best Speaker Award (2011-2013), IISER-Kolkata.
  2. Best Team-Debate- IISER-Kolkata (2012).
  3. Around 200 awards in Debating, singing, anchoring and creativity, social work. (Best National Debator, Nation 2008 and Best Social Worker State, 2009)
  4. National Rank 5 in National Creativity Aptitude test, 2012
  5. Best student and All-rounder awards 2007-2009.
  6. Best Anchor Awards, Guest RJ for 97.3 Big FM Radio channel, BBSR.
  7. Literary editor, Music Club chairperson and Social Committee chairperson, IISER-K (2009-2014).
  8. Motivational Speaker and mentor for women in Physics: 2014-2015
  9. Writing books titled “The W diaries”, “Splinter Hut: a journey to the self”.
  10. Currently compiling self-written physics notes titled “PSI survival guide”.
  11. Member of band SU(2) with around 10 self compositions.
  12. Certification and training in Air-Rifle Shooting.

Sports Involvement:

  1. Certification and training in Air Rifle Shooting by Utkal Sports Association. (2013)
  2. Hobbies include : Basketball, badminton and squash.

Programming Skills: Languages : Python, Prolog, Perl. Packages : Matlab, Mathematica, Latex, Origin, Gnuplot.

Volunteer Activities:

  1. 2009/8 – Organiser (Organisation in which a part of : JAGRITI)

Activity Description: Teaching under-priviledged children basic maths and English knowledge in a playful manner.

  1. 2009/8 – 2014/6 Organiser and Presentor (Organisation: IISER-Kolkata Social and Outreach Committee.)

Activity Description: Going to various schools and scientific presentations, setting up telescopes and start charts, holding star gazing sessions, scientific dissemination of ideas, competitions.

  1. 2004/4 – 2009/5 Organiser (Organisation: Bharat Scouts and Guides)

Activity Description: Responsibilities included cleanliness drives, helping slum kids with studies, peace marches for stopping of violence, silent protests on smoking and health issues, giving disaster management training, silent protests on gender issues.

  1. 2008/8 – 2008/10 Organiser (Organisation: Horlicks Wiz Kids)

Activity Description: Collection of old clothes from all houses in various localities and then distribution in slum areas, Organisation of competitions and prizes, Drive for children primary education and a stop to child labour and child abuse.

  1. 2004/8 – 2007/1 Organiser (Organisation : NCSC)

Activity Description: Awareness Campaigns on Water Sanitisation and contaminations, prevention of water contamination, peace marches and demonstrations, dialogues with the BBSR Municipal Corporation for incorporation of preventive measures.


Event Organisation:

  1. Organiser and Main Spokesperson and Trainer :

Personality Development and Public Speaking Workshop – Workshop (2012-07-18 / 2012-07-19)

Activity Description: Involved training and PR development exercises with all the students who attended, was a supervisory role.

  1. OrganiserInquivesta, The Biggest Science Fest of India. – Workshop (2011-05-03)

Activity Description: It involved planning and execution of various sub events and preparation of posters, anchoring of the events, giving the welcome address and meeting with sponsors, and preparing the brochure.

  1. Speaker Seminar on the Promotion of Science. – Seminar (2011-06-20)

Activity Description: Involved presenting various research work in popular levels for school level kids to understand and get involved in scientific research.

  1. Organiser and Main Spokesperson :

Advances in Astronomy for School kids. – Seminar (2010-11-20 / 2010-11-20) Activity Description: Involved setting up telescopes and other instruments, handing out and explaining star charts, doing mock quizzes, speaking and presenting the seminar at a popular level.

  1. Organiser and Main Spokesperson :

Awareness Campaign on the Contamination of Water – Workshop (2009-10-14 / 2009-10-16)

Activity Description: Involved preparation of posters, talking to the press, getting in touch with the state administration, and speaking and convincing the local people to take preventive measures for the contamination of groundwater.

  1. Organiser and Main Spokesperson:

Competitions among the deprived slum kids of BBSR – Workshop (2009-05-01)

Activity Description: Events, competitions in dance, music, drama, clothing sales, food sales at subsidised rates, distribution of awards and prizes.

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