She Was Weird.

She was weird. Certifiably weird. I mean, who else says that she has fallen in love with “blue”? Or the number eight? Or a tree? That the universe speaks to her when its raining. Storms. She used to love storms.... Continue Reading →

Hermione was brown?

In the aftermath of the backlash over a black Hermione, I thought back to my childhood and the moment I first read the book and realized that, to me, Hermione was brown. I was but exactly the age when you... Continue Reading →

Born behind bars

My mind is caged behind brown bars rusted with time yet holding firm It was drilled from me from the day I was here in this world the noise of the drill drowning out memories of love and wilderness I... Continue Reading →


I look at you I think the winter looks great on you Your lips, just so slightly chapped, yes, right there makes me think about whole worlds connecting me and you in three minutes red wine with that slight edge... Continue Reading →

My Dreams

My dreams were never in big sunglasses walking in Gucci high heels on the streets of LA or New York with a Prada on my hand and red wine at evening “high”-teas while I sneak in some rum for lonely... Continue Reading →

Expiry Date

Somehow, somehow I do not know why when I looked in the fridge today and looked at those crusty bread molds which we never threw out till they are disgusting it reminded me of you! It struck me today, darling... Continue Reading →

Oh Darling!

Oh darling! What did they tell you that your eyes, so beautiful are as if touching the hem of your floor length gown? That your legs are always crossed and you are sitting prim as a rose looking so like... Continue Reading →

Our Love Song.

Our love song was stitched of our silences things unsaid but understood of midnight dreams about each other which brought the color to our cheeks of goodbyes said through our eyes and wine drunk to bring people to your absence... Continue Reading →

Why Can’t I have a Normal Life?

This poem could be an open letter to state my grievance against my present condition Why can’t I lead a normal life? You know, the ones you see in movies or on TV shows where it always ends well rather... Continue Reading →

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