The Outsider.

Blue. Kettles and tea cups. The fine lines on that old English wall. The patterns.. no that tiny little smudge on the table cloth. The bed that was not in a parallel line to the wall. Blue. The tiny mismatch... Continue Reading →

Barbarians at the Gate.

My heart went its own merry way, carrying water and making food. tick tock tick tock, fast goes the clock. fall in love eat your fill find your dreams make some money love your job love your life fall in... Continue Reading →

No cure at all.

Tell my heart to stop its dreamstell my lungs to stop its screamsyou put me out of waterI am a fish.ooooohhh. m mute but my eyes are staring straightrefuse to be battled downthe water you so thirstily drinkingare my tears that... Continue Reading →

Trying to help.

And you woke up by my touchI saw your smiling lipsYour nightmare left you now I see it in your eyesThe thunderclouds have goneBack to playing hide and seekBehind your lashes longAnd the corner of your eyesThey still smile out mischievouslyMy... Continue Reading →

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