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Blue. Kettles and tea cups. The fine lines on that old English wall. The patterns.. no that tiny little smudge on the table cloth. The bed that was not in a parallel line to the wall. Blue. The tiny mismatch... Continue Reading →


‘So you wanted me to be honest. Did you think you could handle it? Every single excruciating detail from every single day of our lives. It is believed that the average human being thinks around 600 thoughts per second. Do... Continue Reading →


I write about you. All the time. In every one of my poems and stories and ramblings you will find hints leading you one step up the ladder into the shadowy, hazy, illusional space I call my mind. Some of... Continue Reading →

Opportunity and Me.

Walking along the beach the surf kicked wide and landing on my feet the salty air stirring my thoughts                                          like... Continue Reading →


In our everyday lives, we suddenly realize the importance of seemingly small unimportant things. Sometimes we know everything is fine, we know that everything is going to be all right, but we still need our conviction to be solid. This... Continue Reading →


Its the epitome of lifethe dripping of an oil lampimages in the reddish flame..of black soot rising during glance.. Blimp blimp of a leaking roof..lights hitting the roundish drops..of rose blossoms turning in the wine..and fragrances turning to lead.


Holy words they say, holy life they say.. what is this life if full of care, we have no time to stand and stare, that has almost become a clique, not only when people remember to say it, in every... Continue Reading →

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