Mothers and Daughters

Yesterday, my mother was 19 Frolicking and rebellious streak suppressed inside of her ^not very well^ to showcase to the world what a great conventional she was! Today, I ask her "what were you like as a kid?" and she... Continue Reading →

Wine for Two, Glass for One.

Wine glass in hand, we sat across from each other, far in the corner of the crowded room. Silence prevailed, bitten back words, nails chewed down to stumps, bloody eyes, unshed tears from unsaid words. They screamed at you, my... Continue Reading →


I look at you I think the winter looks great on you Your lips, just so slightly chapped, yes, right there makes me think about whole worlds connecting me and you in three minutes red wine with that slight edge... Continue Reading →

New Years Resolution

My new year's resolution comes sealed in that bottle of red wine which absolutely refuses to open itself and thus refuses to let me introspect and try to find myself You need not run after half formed ideas and dreams... Continue Reading →


Holy writIn neat ordered linesBlack ink that barks imagesSoul on an incline And once at the highest pointIt stops as if in reflectionThen gives upAnd flows down in abandon Holy hands and holy legsTangledHoly dirt and holy faithQuestion marks staring in the... Continue Reading →

Break of Dawn…(Inspired by Amethystium)

And I see myself walking down the middle of a forest…Its surrounded by giant trees… they give a strange peace inside.. The sound of jingles and bells, the chiming bell –like laughter makes me feel I am surrounded by elves... Continue Reading →


In our everyday lives, we suddenly realize the importance of seemingly small unimportant things. Sometimes we know everything is fine, we know that everything is going to be all right, but we still need our conviction to be solid. This... Continue Reading →

The Moon River.

This is written keeping in mind times such as the times gone by.. where innocent acts could turn into your misfortune and the lady of the house can suddenly find herself relegated to a common hag. Superstitions can affect our... Continue Reading →

The Shape Shifters…

Sitting with eyes closed, hundreds and hundreds of shape fixed people deep in meditation, they emerge from their shape, emerge from their bodies, get freed of their vessel and they mingled. Oh! What delight and a colour so bright! Its... Continue Reading →

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