Drunk on You

I am getting used to being drunk on you “a literary recluse” so to say they speak of me this way. I have been drunk on the open book that is you. Words, words, words and more words and it feels... Continue Reading →

Born behind bars

My mind is caged behind brown bars rusted with time yet holding firm It was drilled from me from the day I was here in this world the noise of the drill drowning out memories of love and wilderness I... Continue Reading →

Our Love Song.

Our love song was stitched of our silences things unsaid but understood of midnight dreams about each other which brought the color to our cheeks of goodbyes said through our eyes and wine drunk to bring people to your absence... Continue Reading →

Opportunity and Me.

Walking along the beach the surf kicked wide and landing on my feet the salty air stirring my thoughts                                          like... Continue Reading →


Paper boats and kites that did not fly made up afternoons of make believe dressing up and sitting still while my costume dictated my dreams or was it the other way round? i learnt slowly to put words to the... Continue Reading →

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