Prose Poetry


Talking about that day was painful. The tears in your eyes, the pain in the setting of your lips, the way you held your arms closed on top of your body as if barely holding yourself together from falling apart.... Continue Reading →

Of Love, Long Distance Relationships, Longing and Hope.

Standing on the bus stop today at central silk board with my sister, waiting for our overnight bus to drop her off at her college in Manipal, I saw a young couple of my age hugging. Hugging. Holding each other.... Continue Reading →

The Outsider.

Blue. Kettles and tea cups. The fine lines on that old English wall. The patterns.. no that tiny little smudge on the table cloth. The bed that was not in a parallel line to the wall. Blue. The tiny mismatch... Continue Reading →

She Was Weird.

She was weird. Certifiably weird. I mean, who else says that she has fallen in love with “blue”? Or the number eight? Or a tree? That the universe speaks to her when its raining. Storms. She used to love storms.... Continue Reading →


The puppet string seems to be getting tighter and tighter. The show is in progress and I am mute. Why am I not rebelling? Why am I not wanting to rear my great back up, spread out my scaly wings... Continue Reading →

The Shape Shifters…

Sitting with eyes closed, hundreds and hundreds of shape fixed people deep in meditation, they emerge from their shape, emerge from their bodies, get freed of their vessel and they mingled. Oh! What delight and a colour so bright! Its... Continue Reading →

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