The Outsider.

Blue. Kettles and tea cups. The fine lines on that old English wall. The patterns.. no that tiny little smudge on the table cloth. The bed that was not in a parallel line to the wall. Blue. The tiny mismatch... Continue Reading →

Beautiful be damned!

Beautiful be damned! I want to be ugly where no one looks at me twice or maybe do a double take Curves be damned I wanna thrive in rough edges and triangle like hips bones sticking out and not a... Continue Reading →


Paper boats and kites that did not fly made up afternoons of make believe dressing up and sitting still while my costume dictated my dreams or was it the other way round? i learnt slowly to put words to the... Continue Reading →

There is Something on my Mind..

Why am I writing? And what am I is a very dicy question. I dont think I write with any particular purpose in mind.. I write to unburden myself.. but I dont get unburdened. I think.  I just think... Continue Reading →

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