My Silence

Today I realised I owe some silence onto my becoming As much as speaking out It’s a knife edge in the quivering balance Pushed to the side, Marginalised Browned and chargrilled? Learning faster While being caught between Being delicious or exotic Owning up our own shame Or (trying so hard to) decolonize!

Born behind bars

My mind is caged behind brown bars rusted with time yet holding firm It was drilled from me from the day I was here in this world the noise of the drill drowning out memories of love and wilderness I... Continue Reading →

Oh Darling!

Oh darling! What did they tell you that your eyes, so beautiful are as if touching the hem of your floor length gown? That your legs are always crossed and you are sitting prim as a rose looking so like... Continue Reading →

The silent revolution..

I was on a bus. One of those local buses in Kolkata where you stand really really squeezed into a tiny space. Now, I was standing near the ladies section at the front. Another girl a little older than me... Continue Reading →

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