The sighing of the wind reverberated through the trees. They were shouting, whispering caressing and shouting again..desperation, pleasure and agony all mingled together..The heart that was theirs to hold, had been snatched away from them, they tried to find it for eons and eons always patient, for time to them was a non-meaning, it was eternity. But suddenly like a mock to their patience, it was there! being dangled at their dorrstep when they did not have hands to reach towards it, cradle it to their bososms and carry it safely home.The cruel onlooker was enjoying his power, the intoxicaion that comes from reigning in a free bird, the spirit whose steps are so lithe and treads so fruid that it can slip away from the most tightly clenched fist. He seemed to be unaware that his were the musings of the most rarest of saddists. And there it was. That cruel slow smile playing around his lips as he dangled their precious in front of their sighs.. It made them stronger, they exulted in being so close to their heart but being controlled had brought their very existence crashing down. Suddenly, it was unbearable, that closeness, the strength they could have had, the strength that was seeping into them and then slowly and skillfully and willfully being seeped away by that silent mocking statue of clay moving the strings.. controlling them.. controlling them!! Eternity broke, they could not wait any longer, not when they had it so close and had to feel the sorrow that would come from a more cruel separation that somehow seemed impending, inescapable.. The winds would stop, the trees wont move and their heart wrenching wail would fill the skies.. And time would emerge as the sole creature.